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Stonecrest Releases Its 2022 Citywide Initial Street Paving List

The City of Stonecrest has announced the first round of streets that will be repaved in the area beginning on Tuesday, September 6. The funding is provided through special option local sales tax (SPLOST) funds.

The project is a part of the City’s 2022 paving program. In total, 58.3 lane miles of roadway will be repaved throughout the City.  

Stonecrest will invest nearly $12 million in the street repair and resurfacing program through its 2022 funding. This investment will support asphalt street resurfacing, and a general repair of the streets throughout Stonecrest.  

Stonecrest officials used the Paving Condition Index (PCI) score, an industry wide standard, to set the order in which the streets will be repaved. This is a weighted score that factors in the surface and roughness of the roadway. These conditions may be visible to motorists in the form of potholes, cracking and worn asphalt. Roads with no visible disturbance were measured with special tools to help determine the final PCI score.

Traffic volume is also a consideration in determining the repaving schedule.

All work is scheduled from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. The schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather. 

Click here for a map of the streets.  

Initial list of Stonecrest roads scheduled to be repaved and dates:


 Street Name  Scheduled Start  Week
 Ragsdale Road   Septemebr 6 
 Wade Road   September 6
 Piers Court   September 6
 Halsted Way   September 6
 McCrossin Circle   September 6

 Idlewood Manor

 September 6

 Idlewood Gate  September 6
 Idlewood Place  September 6
 Idlewood Pass   September 6
 Idlewood Trace  September 6
 Idlewood Park  September 6
 Idlewood Circle   September 6
 Maddox Road   September 12
 Coffee Road  September 12
 Hunters Crossing Point  September 12
 Hunters Crossing Court  September 12
 Stonecrest Trace  September 12
 Stonecrest Square   September 12

For updates, please visit the City Engineering page.