City Manager’s Office

All day-to-day operations, administration, procurement, and budgeting are managed through the City Manager's Office. The business unit oversees all Departments and serves the needs of Stonecrest's residents and businesses.


  • Responsible for the efficient and effective management of the business affairs of the organization and public services provided by the City, directly or by contracted service, including Economic Development, Parks & Recreation and Community Development, which consists of Planning & Zoning, Code Enforcement, City Engineering, Building Permitting, & Business Licensing
  • Plans overall application of effort to realize goals, priorities, and best interests of the city
  • Works closely with the Mayor & Council to craft direction for the city based on their goals and priorities. Directs or develops and presents recommendations and provides information necessary for the carrying out of the Mayor & Council's legislative role
  • Provides direction, and when necessary, interpretation, to staff regarding Mayor & Council directives.
  • Develops and/or oversees the development and implementation of City-wide policies, regulations, and procedures as directed by the Mayor & City Council; analyzes the impact of actions on budget, staffing levels, and legalities
  • Directs the work activities of employees and contractors directly or through designated supervisors. Works with staff to identify how best to realize goals and priorities
  • Advises the Mayor & Council on necessary or recommended courses of action on a wide range of topics. Reviews all items that come before the Mayor & City Council and makes recommendations on pertinent items to ensure the effectiveness of City services, coordination of all functions of City governments and determine procedures to comply with applicable laws
  • Coordinates with a variety of outside governments, agencies, constituents, and stakeholders. Maintains positive working relationships with elected and appointed officials, supervisors, employees, community groups, business organizations and the general public to ensure the functions of the city are performed in a manner consistent with sound public relations techniques
  • Identifies any disparity between Council directives and available resources and identifies solutions to eliminate disparity
  • Responds to a multitude of data sources on a large number and variety of issues
  • Acts as the budget officer of the city keeping the Mayor and Council fully advised as to the financial condition & needs of the city. Executes all lawful contracts and signs checks, orders, and warrants for payment within the approved level of authorization in accordance with the city charter, financial policies, and budget of the city. Transfers appropriations within a department, fund, strategy, service, or organizational unit with the approval of the Mayor & City Council
  • Makes a full written report to the city council showing the operations and expenditures of each department of the city for the preceding month. Fixes all salaries and compensation of city employees in accordance with the city budget and city pay and classification plan
  • Performs other duties as may be prescribed by the city charter (including amended versions of the charter) or required by ordinance or resolution of the Mayor & City Council 


Gia Scruggs 
City Manager

Christabel Ghansah
Executive Assistant to City Manager

Ashley Guilford