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Executed Contracts

The clerk’s office assists with creating, distributing and coordinating communication related to bidding and purchasing. The office will be responsible for city's official signatures, city seal and maintaining records of all city contracts. View contracts and agreements that the City of Stonecrest has agreed to.

Contracts & Agreements

    • 1. Compliance with Applicable Regulations
      • All real estate acquisition activities shall conform to applicable federal, state (e.g. O.C.G.A § 36-80-18 and O.C.G.A § 36-60-13) and local laws and regulations and shall be subject to the provisions of the City Code of Ethics.  
    • 2. Confidentiality
      • The City Council and City staff shall maintain the confidentiality of potential and on-going real estate acquisitions and related information subject to the provisions of the Open Meetings and Open Records Acts.
    • 3. Formal Approval
      • All real estate transactions shall be formally approved by the City Council in a public meeting prior to the City entering a sales contract. This shall not prohibit or interfere with the City Council’s ability to discuss same and negotiate terms in Executive Session subject to the requirements of the Open Meeting and Open Records Acts.
    • 4. Appraisals
      • For any piece of real estate, for which a sales contract has been signed, the City will conduct at least one appraisal by an independent third-party who holds the Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) membership designation.
    • 5. Land Acquisition Procurement Process
      • a. City staff will investigate and identify properties for purchase that generally meet an approved plan or strategy. Furthermore, land purchased with a specific funding source will only be used for such purposes anticipated and/or authorized. If the City determines that the land cannot be used for its intended purpose, the City may dispose of the property in a manner consistent with Georgia law and funds raised through the sale of the property will be used for future land purchases consistent with the purposes authorized.
      • b. City staff will work with a Real Estate broker to gather information and make site visits related to properties under consideration for acquisition.
      • c. City staff will regularly brief the City Council in Executive Session on properties the city is considering purchasing to receive direction on “terms and price” from the City Council.
      • d. City staff will negotiate for “Letters of Intent” with land owners on properties the City Council has provided staff with direction on “terms and price”.
      • e. City staff will present the “Letter of Intent” at a public meeting, and at that time request a Resolution from the City Council authorizing the City Manager to execute a sales contract to purchase the real estate or to execute an agreement to lease the real estate using the “Letter of Intent” as the guidelines for a contract. (PUBLIC HEARING REQUIRED in the case of the purchase of real estate)
      • f. City staff will make the “Letter of Intent” public on the city website and through a press release within 48 hours of the city receiving a fully executed copy of the “Letter of Intent.”
      • g. City staff will publish the executed sales contract or lease on the city website.
      • h. City staff will conduct due diligence on the real estate to be purchased including at a minimum but not limited to:
        • i. Environmental testing (Phase I required, Phase II and specialized testing if warranted);
        • ii. Production of an ALTA survey of the property;
        • iii. Production of a MAI appraisal of the property;
        • iv. Complete title work on the property; and
        • v. Other reasonable due diligence activities as warranted.
        • i. City staff will present the findings of the due diligence on the property to be purchased at a public meeting and request a Resolution from the City Council authorizing the City Manager to execute any and all closing documents to complete the purchase of the property. (PUBLIC HEARING REQUIRED).

Intergovernment Agreements