Municipal Court

The Municipal Court operates under the laws of the State of Georgia and try all misdemeanor traffic and criminal cases (with some limitations), code enforcement cases and city ordinance violations that occur within the city limits. The Municipal Court of Stonecrest has jurisdiction over ordinance violations and certain state misdemeanors, including traffic violations, which occur within the city limits of Stonecrest.

It is the court's mission to provide efficient, fair resolution of all matters coming before it, and to ensure that all court users are afforded ready access to the court. The court will continue to emphasize public awareness and education, and further develop its procedures, so that the court may continue to provide excellent customer service. 

Appointment of municipal court clerk and qualifications of judges and terms of office in municipal courts are set by local legislation.

Clerk Of The Municipal Court

The Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Stonecrest shall be responsible for recording the proceedings of the Municipal Court of the City of Stonecrest, maintaining in a safe place all records and documents pertaining to the affairs of the Municipal Court, and performing such other duties as required by the position of Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Stonecrest.


Municipal Court Judges are required by law to receive 20 hours of training as new judges. Each year thereafter, the judges must satisfy 12 hours of training. Training is offered several times a year by the University of Georgia Institute Of Continuing Judicial Education.

Solicitor (Prosecutor)

The Solicitor or Prosecuting Officer is part-time. All communications are to be conducted in open court and according to the laws and procedures governing such communications. The Solicitor is the legal party responsible for presenting the case on behalf of the City against an individual accused of breaking the law. In preparing the case, the Solicitor will investigate the charges, conduct background review of the accused, research test results, interview witnesses and determines a recommended sentence and fine amount for the Judge’s consideration.

Court Appointed Attorney

In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a court appointed attorney. The Municipal Court of Stonecrest follows the federal poverty guidelines when determining eligibility for a Court Appointed Attorney.

Requests for court appointed attorney are accepted in open court or by application to the Municipal Court Clerk.

Your case will not be heard until the application process has been completed.

Applicants will complete an application form and will be required to provide documentation.

The judge will review application and make a ruling concerning appointment of an attorney.


We prefer all entries, leaves of absence, conflicts, etc. be sent via email to:

Please contact the court for any questions concerning your citation and court date and time via email to:


Court staff cannot give legal advice or recommend attorneys. You should always consult an attorney of your choice to obtain legal advice.


The Judge and Solicitor are only here during court sessions. They do not have an office here and are not available to discuss your case prior to your court date.

Professional Probation Services does not have an office here. They are here on court days and reporting days only. They do not receive messages here. You may contact their office via telephone at 404.373.6337.

There shall be no videos, photographs or recordings in the Courtroom unless you have received prior written approval from the Court.



Click the link for the Basic Rules of Court Conduct.

The following dress code applies to all persons entering the courtroom:

  • Males: shall wear shoes, long pants and shirts

  • Females: shall wear shoes, dresses, skirts or long pants, with blouses, sweaters or casual dress shirts.


  • All pagers, cell phones and electronic devices brought into the courtroom shall be kept in the “OFF” mode at all times.

  • Any deviation from the above code shall be approved on a case-by-case basis by the presiding judge.

Stonecrest Municipal Court is located on the first floor of Stonecrest City Hall at:

3120 Stonecrest Boulevard Stonecrest, Georgia 30038