City Clerk's Office


City Clerk

The City Clerk's primary responsibility is to maintain permanent records for the City of Stonecrest including all minutes of the City Council, ordinances and resolutions adopted by Council and contracts for the City. The Clerk attends Council meetings, transcribes minutes and prepares them for permanent record, as well as providing administrative support to the Mayor, City Council, and the City Manager's Office. In addition, the Clerk is responsible for giving proper notice of Council meetings, assisting with agenda preparation, certifying documents, and codifying the City Code.

Deputy City Clerk

The Deputy Clerk has the authority to exercise and perform powers and duties of the City Clerk in the City Clerk's absence.The Deputy City Clerk is responsible for assisting and supporting the City Clerk in a variety of administrative support activities and providing procurement services for the City of Stonecrest. Work also involves assisting with the maintenance of official City documents and assisting the City Clerk in indexing, filing and safekeeping of all Council proceedings in accordance with general statutes and local ordinances, and providing administrative support for the Mayor, City Council, and the City Manager's Office.  

Any requests for documents can be made by completing an Open Records Request.