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Stonecrest is a camera-ready, film-friendly community that welcomes your production. Several projects have filmed here including: Shaft, Greenleaf, Black Lightning, MacGyver, The Passage, The Resident, The Outsiders, Star, and Respect. Our popular destinations include Arabia Mountain National Park, Flat Rock Archives and the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. 

The State of Georgia's film and entertainment tax credits provide a significant cost savings for companies producing feature films, television series, commercials, etc. and have elevated the state to the 3rd leading production center in the country. Stonecrest has partnered with the DeKalb Entertainment Commission, Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, and Location Manager's Guild International to market the city as a leading center for film, culture, and entertainment.

Current Members

  1. Mack Calhoun
  2. Patreece Dechabert
  3. Angel Forte
  4. Gazza Forte
  5. Leslie M. Greene
  6. Sandra Lewis-Glass
  7. Stacey Thibodeaux
  8. Victoria Turner
  9. Verda Watson
  10. Cassandra Wilson
  11. Demetrice Williams
  12. Chairman Robert Turner

Ex-Officio - Christian Green

Stonecrest Film Permit

Permits are required for location filming on rights of way, parkland or other property under the jurisdiction of the City of Stonecrest.Applications for Location Permits to Film by the production company will be accepted by the Film Liaison via FilmApp and channeled through the necessary City departments for review. The City Manager and/or designate has the authority to issue Permits.

Film Permit Application

Stonecrest Filming Studios

Whether big screen, small screen, or green screen, we welcome your interest in the City of Stonecrest, as a possible film or video location. Stonecrest continues to grow in popularity as a destination for film and video projects of all kinds 

Ours Studios - CLICK HERE to visit the site.

Stonecrest Studio - CLICK HERE to visit the site.

Ashanti Film Studios - CLICK HERE to visit the site.

Filmed in Stonecrest

Stonecrest Filming Locations

If you are interested in your property potentially being used in a film project, you can list your property in the Georgia Film Locations Database. The database is used by film scouts and Georgia Camera Ready Liaisons. CLICK HERE

Stonecrest Filming

Stonecrest Film Industry Resources

Use the Georgia Reel Scout Database to locate filming locations available in the City of Stonecrest. CLICK HERE

Film industry 

Filming Industry Jobs and Classes

To view information related to casting and crew jobs available in the film industry CLICK HERE

Film Permit

Film Permit Application

Film Industry Resources

Filming Locations

Film Industry Jobs and Classes

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2023 Film and Entertainment Survey 

2023 Film and Entertainment Survey



Christian Green
Economic Development Director