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Join members of the City Council for a Certified Homebuyers Education Course

Join City Council members for a Certified Homebuyers Education Course, Saturday, April 1, 10AM - 4:30PM at the Stonecrest Public Library (3123 Klondike Road, GA,30038). This event is in partnership with NID Housing Counseling Agency and American Pacific Mortgage. 

Attendees should register here

Homebuyers are equipped with the know-how to purchase their dream home. Agenda topics include lending, credit scores, working with real estate agents, home inspections, and so much more. All questions and concerns are welcomed. This is the opportunity to finally own the home you've been dreaming of! 

Attendees that complete the one-day course will receive a certificate of completion, good for one year, as well as down payment assistance eligibility through HUD and/or its partners.