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City of Stonecrest Approves Food Truck Ordinance

The City of Stonecrest has approved a Food Truck Ordinance, a modification to Chapter 15 Licenses, Permits, and Miscellaneous Business Regulations. This progressive ordinance outlines "vending operations rules," fostering a vibrant culinary scene and bolstering economic opportunities within our community.

Accepting application beginning March 1, 2024, the Food Truck Ordinance marks a significant step forward in promoting culinary diversity and entrepreneurship in Stonecrest. Food trucks and mobile vending/food carts will now be permitted in all overlay districts through the underlying zoning districts of RE, RLG, R-100, R-85, R-75, R-60, RMS, MR-1, HR-1, 2, 3, C-1, C-2, OD, OI, M, and M-2 zoning districts with a Special Administrative Permit (SAP).

Mayor Jazzmin Cobble expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "The approval of the Food Truck Ordinance reflects our commitment to supporting small businesses, promoting culinary innovation, and enhancing the vibrancy of our city. By streamlining the permitting process and expanding opportunities for food truck operators, we are fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive while providing our residents with diverse dining options."

Key provisions of the Food Truck Ordinance include a nominal fee of $150 associated with obtaining the Special Administrative Permit (SAP), allowing for a maximum of six (6) locations for (30) days on a single permit. Furthermore, those seeking to operate beyond (30) days may extend their permit up to an additional (11) months for a maximum of a (12) month period on a single permit, for any additional fee. This fee structure ensures accessibility for entrepreneurs while maintaining responsible regulation to uphold the interests of the community.

The City of Stonecrest encourages aspiring food truck operators and existing businesses to seize this opportunity to contribute to our dynamic culinary landscape. Through collaboration and innovation, we look forward to further enriching the cultural fabric of our city while stimulating economic growth.

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