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GDOT to hold a Public Detour Open House to obtain public comments, April 30th from 4PM to 7PM

GDOT will host a Public Detour Open House to obtain public comments on April 30th, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at Transforming Faith Church, 5240 Panola Industrial Blvd., Suite N., Decatur, GA 30035.

Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) construction partners are in the construction phase of the I-285/I-20 east interchange project. This project would reconstruct the interstate system-to-system ramps and add a combination of collector-distributor and auxiliary lanes along I-20 east of the interchange in DeKalb County, Georgia.

As part of this project, Georgia DOT construction partners propose to eliminate the shifting of the Miller Road alignment to construct the new bridge overpass over I-20 to accommodate the expanded I-20 lane configuration. During construction, the bridge will be closed and existing Miller Road traffic crossing I-20 will be diverted using Panola Industrial Boulevard (north of I-20), Panola Road (across I-20), and Minola Drive (south of I-20), a maximum total distance of 1.9 miles. The proposed bridge closure and subsequent detour would be no longer than 8 months, weather permitting. 

Temporary improvements are proposed at the Panola Road/Panola Industrial Boulevard and Panola Road/Minola Drive intersections to accommodate the detour traffic. These temporary improvements will include: At the Panola Road/Panola Industrial Boulevard intersection, striping a departing through-lane to an approach left turn-lane which includes converting eastbound Panola Industrial Boulevard approach lanes to single left, through and right lanes and converting westbound Hillandale Road lanes to dual left turn lanes and a shared through/right lane is proposed.

Temporary split signal phasing is proposed at the Panola Road/Minola Drive intersection, which will allow dual left turn lanes on eastbound Minola Drive to handle the detour traffic. Proposed eastbound lane assignments include a dedicated left turn bay and a shared left / through / right lane.

All original configurations at each intersection would be restored at the conclusion of the detour.

The public is being asked to provide input for any known project area conditions that should be considered during the detour preparation process. Your input would give these issues due consideration and integrate them during the planning of the proposed detour. 

Residents are also invited to attend the above mentioned public detour open house (PDOH) and provide comments on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Information about the detour, including a map of the proposed route, handout, and comment card will be available at the meeting and project representatives will be available to answer questions.

Detour information will also be available on the project website at:, beginning on April 10, 2024, with the opportunity to provide comments online until May 10, 2024.

Your input and participation is greatly appreciated.